Friday, 1 July 2011

How most-of-Arabs think about Western/European people?

Most of Arabian People think that they are in 2nd level of humanity, or that people who live in USA or Europe is better than them!!

Why is that? is it because they are named (3rd world)?
and by whom? by people who don't have the right to do (naming people) and don't have the right to divide the world as 3 worlds?

Why we (Arabs) allow this? why we limit our minds and accept the name (3rd world)?

There is nothing called 3rd world, actually, it's our thoughts and ideas that determine our level of humanity

For example, a father lives in America, in a house, with a girl, he forces her to do thing she doesn't want to do, and sometimes he hit her, he treat her badly... so this father is considered to be in a lower level of humanity

on the other hand, if a father in any Arabic country, does the best for his family, and for his children, he works hard to ensure they receive good position in society, good knowledge and learning, then he is in upper level of humanity

and vice versa

What I am trying to say is.... no one have the right to classify people according to their geographical location, but what really matters is how we think and how we behave.....