Friday, 1 July 2011

How most-of-Arabs think about Western/European people?

Most of Arabian People think that they are in 2nd level of humanity, or that people who live in USA or Europe is better than them!!

Why is that? is it because they are named (3rd world)?
and by whom? by people who don't have the right to do (naming people) and don't have the right to divide the world as 3 worlds?

Why we (Arabs) allow this? why we limit our minds and accept the name (3rd world)?

There is nothing called 3rd world, actually, it's our thoughts and ideas that determine our level of humanity

For example, a father lives in America, in a house, with a girl, he forces her to do thing she doesn't want to do, and sometimes he hit her, he treat her badly... so this father is considered to be in a lower level of humanity

on the other hand, if a father in any Arabic country, does the best for his family, and for his children, he works hard to ensure they receive good position in society, good knowledge and learning, then he is in upper level of humanity

and vice versa

What I am trying to say is.... no one have the right to classify people according to their geographical location, but what really matters is how we think and how we behave.....


  1. You're 100% right. I always hated the division of different levels of Humanity, i still think every man/woman who is capable of learning new things and communicate with others on a level of tolerance for each others believe system is on the same "level"

    So you're a Nerd, im a Nerd and we're both children of the same planet, which, btw. doesn't give a fuck about us drawing lines on maps like little children drawing lines in the sand pit.

    "We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals."

  2. to some level I agree with you Walid, but its not the map division that has made us 2nd level (though I totally disagree with the word levels )

    I dont have the right to judge anyone, and I'm not saying people abroad are better(or worse) but to some instincts people there (US, JAPAN or whatever you call it) have a different mentality than people here.

    With your example of a bad and a good father, you hit a very good point, but your example is an extreme case.. yes there are people here that are far far better than people abroad... but if we use statistics (since I'm learning to love numbers) ...

    Well then we would say that we arab dont put much rehearse on their life (they actually want it easy).. most of arab want their cake in the easiest way. So then again, most of arab people barely read, spend most of their time behind tv, and are forever trying to find an easiest way to earn money. Sadly our youth are very dependent on their family too..

    I'm not saying abroad is the perfect land, but I'm admitting that your comparison is far from reality ..and way too narrow to be generalized

  3. I agree with you:

    ".. no one have the right to classify people according to their geographical location, but what really matters is how we think and how we behave.."

    I was in Egypt. It's not the 3th world. I meet many GTUGers there, and there are the same (sometimes better) people than the people I met in onther place.

    Maybe sometimes arabians have different thinks about something, but we all have different оpinions in the world.

    We are are people! I like arabians I met ever.